Using ePustaka Search : Getting Started with ePustaka Search

Welcome to ePustaka Search Help. The following guide will give you an overview of ePustaka search and provide you with the information.

 How do I use ePustaka Search
 How do I use ePustaka Advance Search
 Search Results Page
 Item/Material Description Page


How do I use ePustaka Search?

Using ePustaka search can be easy as typing a word or phrase into ePustaka search box and then click the "Search" button.

How do I use ePustaka Advance Search?

Advance Search, which is offer nomerous options for making your searches more precise and getting more useful results.
You can reach this page by clicking the Advance Search link.

  Search Results Page

  Your search results page will display information about item that you search.
  Here's an example search result page, along with brief explanation of various types of information about your result.

 1 . Search Field
      To do search, just type in a few descriptive search terms, then click the "Seach" button.

 2 . Search Button
      Click this button to submit a search query.

 3 . Advance Search
      Click this link to do more precise searches.

 4 . Help
      Click this link to get some help.

 5 . Result Statistic
      This line describe your search and indicates the total number of results.

 6 . Item Title
      Item title that match with your search query. Click this link to get more information about item.

 7 . Text Below Item Title
      Brief description about item.

 8 . Number of Items Available
      Display number of items that available.

 9 . Copy of Item
      Display copy number of items.

Item/Material Description Page

 Your Item/Material Description Page will display information about item/material that you choose.
 You can reach this page by clicking Item Title link at Search Results Page.
 Here's a sample Item/Material Description Page along with brief explaination of information about the item/material.

 1 . Item/Material Title
      Display item/material title.

 2 . Item/Material Image
      Display item/material image.

 3 . Tag On
      Click this button to on the tag.

 4 . Tag Off
      Click this button to off the tag.

 5 . Reserve
      Click this button if you want reserve this item/material.

 6 . Item/Material Information
      Display various types of information about item/material such as ISBN number, author, imprint(publisher), location, attachment, availability and etc.